ASC-EM Round Up: CORD Academic Assembly 2019

Author: Linda Katirji, MD, Assistant Clerkship Director at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Cleveland, Ohio, on behalf of the CORD Advising Students Committee in Emergency Medicine (ASC-EM)


The past week, the CORD Advising Students Committee in Emergency Medicine met during  CORD Academic Assembly 2019 in lovely Seattle, Washington. The committee has had a busy and exciting year, with efforts directed towards improving and developing advising resources for medical students applying to emergency medicine.

This post serves as a brief update from the committee after our meeting at CORD.

CORD/EMRA Student Applying Guide

This past year has been an extremely productive time for ASC-EM. Our committee continues to grow in size and with that comes fresh ideas. Our group was lucky enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with EMRA on a handbook for applying to EM. It is currently on the press and should be in the hands of every medical student EMRA member in the next few months!

New Special Population Applying Guides!

We also developed many new applying guides including the Underrepresented Applying Guide, Orphan Applicant Applying Guide, and Dual Accreditation (EM/IM, EM/FM) applying guide (which can all be found here). In the next year, our plan is to continue to update our previously published applying guides as well as add even more, including a “latecomers” applying guide for students who decide to apply to emergency medicine late in their medical school career, and for those who have to enter into the SOAP.

EM Stud Podcast Collaboration

ASC-EM was also lucky enough to collaborate with EM Stud Podcast for the first time to produce a podcast about our applying guides. Listen here!

ASCEM looks forward to collaborating with Drs. Lewis and Wieters in the future.

Distance Advising Service

Currently in the works is the development of a distance advising service. We plan to develop a service of faculty members and residents from ASC-EM to help facilitate advising specifically to students who do not have “home” EM programs at their medical schools (aka Orphan Applicants). Stay on the look out for this!

If you are interested in joining ASC-EM or have any other ideas on ways to improve medical student advising in emergency medicine, comment below or email myself on behalf of ASC-EM at

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