ACEP18 Advising Students in EM (ASC-EM) Round Up

Author: Linda Katirji MD, Assistant Director of Medical Student Education at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, Ohio on behalf of CORD’s Advising Students in Emergency Medicine (ASC-EM) committee

Two weeks ago, the Advising Students Committee in Emergency Medicine (ASC-EM) met at ACEP Scientific Assembly in San Diego, California. We have some exciting projects currently going on and since our last update we have produced some amazing resources for students applying to Emergency Medicine and those who advise them. This post serves as an update from our meeting at ACEP18.

Student Advising Consult Service

Our Student Advising Consult service (more info here) is up and running. We will have a consult service lunch for live consults at Cord AA19. As we get further into interview season and closer to match day, we encourage any advisors with questions to email the service 

New and Updated Applying Guides

One of the largest projects of the group has been creating guides to advise certain “special” populations in emergency medicine. These guides are meant to address common hurdles that certain groups of applicants may encounter, including the military osteopathic, and the IMG applicant. The group has worked hard to make sure our special population applying guides have the most up to date and accurate information for advisors and students. The existing guides can be found here. We will also be publishing a guide for “Orphan applicants” (for medical students who do not have a home EM residency program at their medical school), “Underrepresented applicants” as well as “Dual-accreditation applicants”. Keep on the look out for these on this blog and our website in the next few months.

EMRA and CORD Student Advising Guide

EMRA and CORD have joined forces to create an exciting new publication called the EMRA & CORD Student Advising Guide: An Evidence-Based Approach to Matching in EM. We hope to have this book completed by the spring to distribute to members of EMRA and any other medical students applying  to emergency medicine.

Distribution of resources

ASC-EM is always looking for ways to make our resources more visible and available to students and advisors. We hope to continue outreach through different avenues online and in person. If you know of any conferences, meetings, or symposia where distribution of our resources may be useful, please let us know in the comments below!


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