CORD AA 2018 Student Advisement Task Force (SATF) Round Up

Author: Linda Katirji MD, PGY-3 at University of Kentucky and Adam Kellogg MD, University of Massachusetts – Baystate Health


Last week, the CORD Student Advisement Task Force met at CORD Academic Assembly 2018 in San Antonio, Texas. As a group, we have had an extremely productive year and grown immensely in size. This meeting was our biggest yet! We have produced a lot of great advising resources this year, and have a lot of exciting projects on the horizon. This post serves as a brief update highlighting a few current projects and future goals for SATF as discussed at our meeting.


Our subgroup “Team Applying” generates best practice advising recommendations and resources by utilizing available evidence and group consensus. The major product of this group has been the special populations applying guides, listed below. We intend to continually update these with current evidence based best practice recommendations.

Final SATF 2017-2018 Advising the At-Risk Applicant

Final SATF 2017-2018 Advising the Osteopathic Student

Final SATF 2017-2018 Advising the Re-Applicant (1)

Final SATF 2017-2018 Advising the IMG

Final SATF 2017-2018 Advising the Couples Match

Final SATF 2017-2018 Advising the Military Student

We have also created an addendum of our medical student planner for these populations – look out for this coming soon!


SATF is making a concerted effort to provide more outreach to advisors and medical schools throughout the country in hopes of improving success of students applying to Emergency Medicine.

One of the projects we will be working on this year are “e-packages” to send to EMIGs across the country. Our aim is to reconfigure our advising products into presentations and resources for distribution, with a special emphasis on osteopathic programs and those not affiliated with academic institutions. We also hope to provide a packet to each medical school dean with resources to assist in advising medical students entering the EM match.

We are also very excited about a new project coming soon, the SATF consult service. We hope to use member expertise and SATF resources to provide an active, living consult service to CORD members to answer specific questions related to  advising individual students, advising non-traditional students or student groups, and general advising concerns.


This past application cycle Emergency Medicine applicants and programs piloted the Standardized Video Interview (SVI). As it becomes available, we hope to present and distribute data on the SVI. Be on the look out for an update on the SVI on this blog next month.


Our group had multiple abstracts and didactics presented at CORD Academic Assembly.

New Look!

We have now officially become a CORD “committee”. Be on the look out for a new name, logo, instagram and website coming soon!

As always, be on the look out for our newest advising resources on our website and on the Vocal Cord, and feel free to distribute to medical students and those who advise them.

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