Are You Listening to the EM Stud Podcast?

Author: Linda Katirji MD, PGY-3 at the University of Kentucky on behalf of the CORD Student Advising Task Force (SATF)


EM Stud Podcast was created byDr. Nate Lewis (@ERDrN8) and Dr. Scott Wieters (@EMedCoach) and has become the official podcast for students of the Clerkship Directors in Emergency Medicine (CDEM). These are short (think, 15-30 minutes) high yield podcasts for medical students interested in Emergency Medicine. The mission of the podcast is to give “free, up-to-date, easily accessible information to help you figure out if Emergency Medicine is right for you, and if so, how best to get there.”

Having trouble figuring out how to make your rank list? There’s a podcast for that. Are you an M3 wondering if you are competitive for EM? Right here. Have you ever wondered what to do when there is a medical emergency on an airplane? They’ve got that covered too. The podcast covers a wide array of topics, from applying, interviewing, and matching, to topics in EM such as airway and ultrasound. It is a perfect podcast to listen to in the car or on a run if you want to be a more well informed and stronger medical student, applicant, and eventually emergency medicine physician.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes or on their website in the CDEM student section.

To stay up to date, follow on EMStud Facebook and CDEM Students on Twitter!

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