Becoming a Blog Master!

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Jeff Hill, MD Assistant Residency Director, Univ of Cincy Dept. of EM, Editor of , tweets @_drjeffy


jkhadpe twitter

Jay Khadpe, MD, Associate Residency Director, Univ of Florida Jax, Editor in Chief of, tweets @rivercityEM



David Marcus, MD, EM/IM/CC Residency Director, Meducator, Activist, Ethicist, Editor of, tweets @EMIMDoc



Manpreet Singh, MD, Assistant Professor EM , US trained, Associate Editor-in-Chief, tweets @MprizzleER

Academic Assembly is upon us and we are very excited to lead a workshop on how to develop the skills necessary to create and curate a blog for medical education! There will be three consecutive one-hour workshops on Thursday, April 27th starting at 1:30PM as part of the iMedEd Track. We hope to demonstrate the necessary skills, technology, and equipment to become a master at blogging! All levels of experience in blogging are welcome but you must be pre-registered as spots are limited.


During the workshop we will discuss

  1. The various platforms available to start and maintain a blog
  2. Outlining goals of a blog, the blog posts and the intended audience
  3. Practicing how to create, edit, and publish blog posts
  4. How to optimize dissemination of content through various social media channels


For those attending the workshop, we will be focusing on using the platform for demonstration purposes. We would like to ask participants to please create a free account in advance of attending the workshop to help facilitate your participation during the session. During the signup process, you will be asked to choose a type of site (blog), domain (pick whatever you want), and make sure to choose the free account type. We will then invite you to join our blog that we created for the workshop: The presenters do not have any financial or other conflict of interest in any particular service or company related to the workshop.


If you are interested in starting a medical educational blog but cannot attend one of the workshops, please check out “How to Utilize Blogs for Residency Education” in the Journal of Graduate Medical Education from October, 2016 that is a great primer on how to get started with blogging for medical education with actionable items to help get you started!

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