EMRA Hangouts

Ross Christensen and Adam Kellogg, on behalf of the CORD Student Advising Task Force (SATF)


The CORD Student Advising Task Force has worked with EMRA to create a variety of resources to improve the quality of advising received by students applying for emergency medicine residency training.  Last month we highlighted the EMRA Match Residency Navigator, the CORD supported residency database.  In this post we introduce you to another great resource: EMRA Hangouts. Ross Christensen, MS-IV from Des Moines University is the EMRA Hangouts Coordinator answered a few questions:


What is EMRA Hangouts?

EMRA Hangouts are monthly online presentations by EM program directors from around the nation focused on a variety of EM related topics with medical students virtually attending to learn and ask questions. They are held on the first Thursday of every month and a catalog of previous presentations can be found at www.emra.org/students/EMRA-Hangouts/. Currently they are open to all medical students regardless of year.

EMRA Hangouts are interactive video conferences where the speakers can see questions from the audience of students.

Who is the target audience?

EMRA Hangouts is a program that is designed to provide advising and mentoring to medical students, especially those at schools that don’t have an EM program. There is great content at regional and national meetings, but students who don’t have the time or money often miss out. EMRA Hangouts was designed to bridge this gap and get high quality advising to students who are most in need. All years of medical school are invited to participate.  


What topics have already been covered?

The inaugural EMRA Hangout was in May with Dr. Levine of Christiana who spoke on “Program Director’s View: How to Enhance Your EM Application.” In June Dr. Wieters of Texas A&M spoke on “Perfecting Presentations & Nailing Procedures: Secrets to EM Clerkship Nirvana.” In July Dr. Doty of University of Kentucky spoke on “How to Ace Your Audition Rotation.” In August Dr. Epter of Maricopa spoke on “EM Pearls and Pitfalls.” In September Dr. Hillman from University of Missouri-Kansas City spoke on “ERAS & Applying.” This month Dr. Lovell of Advocate Christ will speak on “Logistics of the Interview Trail.”

Some of the Hangouts that have already happened.

How can I participate in the future? (both as a speaker and as an applicant)

If you’d like to participate as a student in the future, the best way is to join EMRA. We send out an invitation a week beforehand to the medical student members of EMRA. You can also follow EMRA on Facebook, information concerning hangouts is posted there.

If you are faculty member who would like to present at a future EMRA Hangout, please email emrahangouts@gmail.com. Currently we have speakers for the next few months but are always looking for more speakers in future Hangouts.


Please share this innovative resource with your students, Clerkship Directors, and anyone else you think may benefit!  

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