Procedure Videos For Residents


Recently, Kevin Curtis, MD, MS, asked the CORD listserv for recommendations about procedure videos for just-in-time education of emergency medicine residents.  Below is the aggregated list of recommended sites.

NEJM Videos (free)

Access EM (subscription)

EM Procedure Consult (subscription)

Larry Mellick’s YouTube Channel (free)

Al Sachetti’s YouTube Channel (free)

Life in the Fast Lane Procedures (free)

NYU CoreEM Blog (free)

USC Blog (free)

University of Maryland (free)

University of Cincinnati Taming the SRU Blog (free)

Mt. Sinai EM Procedures Wiki (free)

5-min Sono (free)


Also, if you use a particular brand of equipment, companies may offer online videos as well.  For example:




Image Credits: Wikipedia

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